Sunday, 7 April 2013

Superfood vibrations

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla

Every single thing we see and touch has a vibration. It is not just sounds that have frequencies but colours have them too. Radiowaves and microwaves have a fairly slow vibration compared to X-rays and Gamma rays. In between we have the spectrum of visible light. In the illustration on the right this spectrum is divided to six colours. Computer monitors and TVs use three colours, red, green and blue (RGB), to create all other colours from them. In a painters colout palette these primary colours are red, yellow and blue.

Isaac Newton divided the colour spectrum in seven (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet) deriving from the Aristotelian notion that there is a connection between the colors, the musical notes, the visible objects in the solar system and the days of the week. This is the mystery of seven, found across different cultures in slightly different forms.

These frequencies and vibrations are understood on a much deeper level in the yogic tradition. Yoga means union, and it is not just about getting yourself into funny looking postures. It is about realizing the interconnection between body, mind and spirit.

Our bodies (and minds) are controlled to a large extent by the hormones that our endocrine system produces. This endocrine system has seven major glands, and as I mentioned in my previous text, The Living Temple, these are often associated with the seven energy centres known as chakras. Each chakra has its own colour, and these colours correspond with Newton's colour scale.

People often talk about transcesnding towards higher levels of consciousness by deep meditation, breathing exercises etc. One of the most basic techniques, however, is often completely disregarded. That is our daily diet. Western people usually consider food only as fuel and pleasure, and don't worry too much about the content of their meals apart from the amount of calories or daily recommended nutritional values. I have personally started looking at nutrition from a perspective that differs quite radically from the mainstream view of thinking. For me dietary choices are perhaps the most powerful tool for changing one's constitution of being to a higher vibration. This is how I have started researching both superfoods and fasting. It is worth noting that both Jesus and Buddha are well known for extended abstinence from food.

There is a good reason for foods to have different colours. You may have heard something about carotenoids, chlorophyll or flavonoids. These are some of the biological pigments that give the colours to every living thing, each representing a different frequency. Superfoods contain the most concentrated amounts of nutrients, and the same goes for pigments. These superfoods can often be liquified which helps absorption, and aids the digestive system to work more efficiently. In the other end of the food spectrum we have meat, dairy, eggs, grains and starchy vegetables which are all creators of sticky mucus, because they are extremely hard for the GI tract to break down. It could be said that these foods have a low vibration. The body is approximately 70% water, it is a vehicle that receives and conducts electric current, but the ability to do so varies greatly according to the base matter that we put into it.

Me with Chlorella, Pine pollen and Hibiscus flower drinks.

It is of great importance to realize that the mind controls the body and the body also controls the mind. It is a two way street. A cup of coffee or a bottle of wine are recognized for the rapid effect of getting our brain momentarily stimulated. But instead of a temporary upliftment would it not make sense to build up our nervous system steadily towards higher hights? Stimulants can be used in various ways to relieve anxiety or depression, and there are several superfoods that promote the production of dopamine, serotonin, testosterone etc. But in long term it might be wise to concentrate on getting along with less and less stimulation. This approach prepares the body to work on more subtle levels and to respond more intuitively; to be governed by inner motivation rather than outer influence. Liberation is not merely a question of emancipating the mind or devoting to the spirit. A body that is not clogged up with obstuction is the sensitive instrument that can channel divine powers of creation. Mental clarity, spiritual epiphany and creative inspiration can all be greatly enhanced by dietary choices.

"Your soul will shout for joy and triumph over all misery of life, leaving it all behind you. For the first time you will feel a vibration of vitality through your body (like a slight electric current) that shakes you delightfully." - Arnold Ehret

When we discuss enlightenment, we can begin by enlightening our bodies. You can call it cleansing of the temple or purification practice if you wish. It is a path of educating yourself in the laws of nature. I could write many things about different superfoods and how good they are for you, but simply adding these ingredients to one's diet does not create a great change per se. If we add something, we must also take something away, and this is the key element that is not a part of modern consumer mentality. Faster, harder, more, more. It is simply impossible to clean up an ocean if at the same time more poison is being poured into it. You can only detoxify by stopping the influx of toxins. This means an elimination of several harmful foodstuffs instead of the generally trumpeted message that it is ok to have pretty much anything in moderation. And of course it is ok, as long as you're interested in having moderate health. But what I am talking about here is physical liberation and eradication of disease. Of course it is not possible to expect a great change in a blink of an eye because every one of us is in a different stage of physical, mental and spiritual development. Progress comes naturally if we just allow it to happen.

My intention is not to tell what people should or should not eat. We need to claim dominion over our own being by educating ourselves. We don't need a guru or an authority to tell us what to do. People often tell me that I need this vitamin and that much protein and those supplements and so on... I just smile back at them because I've learned to listen to my own body instead. Why would I follow the advice of anyone who is clearly suffering from an inner acidosis? Would I ask an obese person what to eat? Or a suicidal person how to get rid of depression? The body has the magnificent ability to heal itself through fasting and regeneration, but this technique must be carefully studied because it does have its dangers if not performed in a rational manner. The purpose of my writings is to nudge people towards independent thinking and living. The truth is out there, so don't expect me to bring it to you on a silver platter, go and find it for yourself.

We should be able to use our intuition when choosing our food. However, today we are faced with products that are not really food but foodlike products disguised as food. These groceries (gross) are tricking our senses and making us believe that we are getting the nutrition we need. Flavor enhancers and artificial colourings are the formula for a great illusion that creates addiction, mineral deficiency and numbness of the mind.

E140, E160, E163...